Thursday, January 10, 2013

A great day

Some days are just wonderful! Today was one of those days for me and Tyonna. It doesn't matter what else is going on, how much your mind may be burdened by something, how people treat you, or whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or sprawled out on the floor. A small event can make all the difference in how your day goes.
I woke up at 430pm which is about 3 hours later than I should have gotten out of bed. For once I felt well rested and a little guilty for being late to get the day started. When I let "stupid dog" out to take care of his business I noticed that our mailman had placed the mail on the porch table instead of the mailbox at the end of the driveway. He never does that unless it is a box that won't fit in the mailbox, so this struck me as rather odd. I quickly discovered why. The large manila envelope seemed to be a little bit larger than the area of the mailbox and clearly he didn't want to risk bending it to make it fit, thus the extra and much appreciated approach of placing it at my doorstep. Looking at the envelope I noticed a once in a lifetime return address: The White House. Inside I found a signed family portrait of the First Family and a letter from POTUS to me. The extremely kind words from The President put a huge smile on my face and made my heart swell! I could not believe that he personally wrote to me, and physically signed his letter rather than using some type of rubber stamp and a preform letter. This was created directly to me. What a feeling!
Next I checked my email as I waited for my truck to warm up and found an email from a fellow MS blogger that I had recently discovered. I wrote to the blogger very early in the morning letting him know how much I enjoyed reading his blog and asking him to read mine. Apparently he read mine and even left a comment on it (see Lessons from 2012) as well as asked if I would like to be listed on his blogcall list so that his readers would be able to read my blog as well. This person has a very professional blog and I can only imagine the connections that his readership will be able to extend to mine. My Doug Ankerman and his My Odd Sock blog are my new friends and I truly look forward to this new connection! Check it out when you get the chance, It is refreshing to know that there are a few of us with MS who view every day with a good dose of humor!
My wife received a small promotion at work today. She is now a Special Matter Specialist, which personally sounds to me as if she should be analyzing alien droppings or something of that matter. What it officially means is that she is now the Assistant Manager of her store. Unfortunately it does not come with a pay increase (I used to work for the same company, and last thing they wish to do is spend money on anyone or anything) but it does finally prove that all her hard work is being recognized! Way to go Tyonna! She has been with the company for almost a year and it is about time that someone has recognized all of the knowledge, talent, and extremely hard work that she has put into her job. I am so extremely proud of her.
It is days like today that make everything I do in life worth it. I again feel as though others appreciate what I do and have done in the past when even someone who should be behind me 100% doesn't support me. If you have read my other blogs then I don't think that I really need to mention who that person is. Mr Ankerman has shown me that my small piece of the blogosphere has been appreciated by him (who is vastly more experienced in blogging than I) and that he is willing to "sponsor" me in my writing. It shows that even the most powerful man in America took the time to read my blog and supports what I do and have done in the past. And I see that my wife is finally getting the recognition that she deserves. I feel a renewed sense of self and a new level of determination to complete what I have set out to accomplish. I also hope that it does the same for you.
In the grand scheme of life, I am a nobody. I am not famous, or rich, or even well known. I am a man living life with the cards that are dealt to me in the best way that I know how. I don't have fame or fortune afforded to me in order to make my mark on the world, I am merely trying to do so with the few means at my disposal and I must show my appreciation to those people in my life who have helped me in achieving that goal. I also have to thank my new friends who are helping me along the way and making this all worth it. I hope that my story and small success are able to inspire you! Proof that a nobody can reach goals when you set out to accomplish them without much support. You are all the leadership and support that you need. I am proof of this. Remember, it is always your life, or at least something like it...


  1. Doc,
    Aw shucks, thanks for the plug!
    And congrats to Mrs. Doc. (She probably deserves a promotion dealing with you!...Same for my wife!)

  2. Thanking me for the plug?!?!?!? Your addition of my blog to your blog, I should be, and am, thanking you!!!