Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handicapped? Not at work...

  I was parked in a handicapped spot the other day in McDonald's parking lot. I had my handicapped placard hanging on the rear-view mirror in accordance to Virginia law. I happened to be driving a taxi at the time. A unmarked police officer pulled in front of my vehicle, and then backed up so that he had his driver's side window parallel to my hood. He rolled down his window and waved me over to his vehicle. I exited my car and using my cane (as always) I walked over to his vehicle. He told me that I can not park in a handicapped space. I pointed to my placard and showed him the handicapped ID card from the DMV that goes with it. He again stated that I can't park in a handicapped space. I pointed to my cane. I pointed out my dragging left leg. He said he didn't care about my excuses, I still can't park in a handicapped space. I again felt the need to inform him that I am handicapped. He said he didn't care, you can't be handicapped in a commercial vehicle. Mind you, I am driving a taxi, not a semi tractor-trailer. I asked him why not, seemed like a fair question. He told me that work vehicles can't be parked in handicapped spaces when working. What was interesting is that the placard on my dashboard was flipped to "Off Duty" indicating that I was not working at the time. I also use this vehicle as my personal vehicle. Didn't matter according to the parking Nazi, can't be handicapped at work.
  Now, if you have a vehicle that does not have any markings on it, that is your personal vehicle. You may park that vehicle in any legal parking space in this great state. If you have a handicapped placard, you may park in any handicapped space, and you may park in any metered parking space without paying the meter for up to 4 hours. However, no matter how cripple you are, it appears that you are not permitted to park legally in a cripple space if you use your vehicle for any type of work purpose.
  Due to this information, I  believe I have found the cure to MS...Go to work! You can't be cripple at work.

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  1. Wow, I was unaware of that law. That's a new one. Sounds like the police officer was having a cranky day.
    When I am working as a male gigalo, I wear my placard around my neck!